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Murska Sobota - Slovenia

Our members are freelancers and entrepreneurs. They care about their profession, business, and also their quality of life. They find in Aurora Coworking a community and a space to do their work.

Join Aurora Coworking Murska Sobota in Slovenia

Aurora Coworking Murska Sobota offers comfortable shared space, a kitchenette, a meeting room, a high-speed internet connection, a laser printer, a projector, and of course a good espresso machine.
Our space is member-managed and that means we do not have employed hosts or personnel. Each member has access to the space 24 hours a day.
The monthly fees are variable and they depend on the monthly expenses and the number of active members. On average the monthly fee is around 45€, never exceeding 50€.

Setup a self-sustaining Micro, Rural, Suburban Coworking Space

We found a way to make small Coworking spaces sustainable: not losing money and keeping a healthy community of members. We have prepared a brief document. We hope it helps your Coworking space to become self-sustainable.

Listen to Jose Antonio Morales, Aurora Coworking founder, interviewed for the Coworking Values Podcast, by the European Coworking Assembly:

Aurora Coworking Network

We are setting up a Network of Micro, Rural, Suburban Coworking Spaces (CW). We want to address the following:

  1. Financial sustainability for CW spaces.

  2. Establishment of new small CW spaces.

  3. Connecting entrepreneurs and freelancers to counteract the negative effects of the 'gig economy'.

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